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Purchasing teams use Viridis to track all energy contracts and perform their closing procedures. In addition, Viridis offers features for simulating contract execution, so that managers can foresee behavior and future costs of the plant, according to the energy demand, projected for each...

Viridis manages all inputs used by clients: electric energy, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, water, gases of the air, and more.

The solution automates various management routines and information consolidation, saving precious time for the teams. Instead of spending hours in front of spreadsheets merging data and monitoring reports, teams can invest their time better and concentrate efforts where it matters the most: in...

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Improve energy efficiency of your company Expectation of cost reduction from 1% to 5% in all energetic and utilities matrix.
Viridis provides commissioning options that adapt to the different characteristics of each company: on-premises and on-demand models are available for both single and multiple sites.
Viridis was developed exclusively for industrial environments. It was built to support a wide range of sectors, incorporating process details, production lines, and equipment inherent to each type of plant.

To Vallourec, energy management and improving practices and processes in this area are very relevant matters and, more importantly, strategic matters to our business. By implementing Viridis we refined the resources and tools necessary to evolve in energy management and reach new levels in energy efficiency. We expect that the system will enhance the Energy & Utilities team's productivity by automating management routines and consolidating information, so that the team can focus on defining strategies for continuous improvement actions.

Camila Lana

Energy Management Coordinator, Vallourec

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