Get to know your real energy costs
Get to know your real energy costs

Viridis measures and automatically assigns all energy costs to cost centers, ledger accounts, and production orders. Through configurable costing rules, you define criteria from which direct and indirect costs are calculated and allocated.

Multiple energy inputs

Viridis manages all inputs used by clients: electric energy, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, water, gases of the air, and more.

Cost Reduction
Cost reduction

Direct reduction expectations of 10% of the energy & utilities matrix costs.


Viridis announces new Commercial Director

Sérgio Grassi, previously a board member, takes over as Viridis’s Commercial Director.

Gerdau boosts energy efficiency program with Viridis solution

Gerdau is the leader in long steel products in the Americas, and one of the main suppliers of special steel in the world.

Viridis launches new website and energy & utilities management blog

Viridis kicks off 2017 launching a new institutional website and a blog dedicated to energy & utilities management, the Viridis Blog.


David Flam

Viridis aggregates the highest technologies in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to create advanced features that improve the energy management.

David Flam
David Flam, Chief Software Architect, Viridis