Multiple energy inputs

Viridis manages all inputs used by clients: electric energy, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, water, gases of the air, and more.

Energy Matrix
Find out the best energy matrix for your production plan

Guarantee you’re executing the most efficient strategy every time a production plan is altered and whenever there is change in availability of energy inputs or supply conditions.

Mitigação de riscos
Risk mitigation

React fast and precisely to operational incidents. Viridis promotes the operational continuity of industrial plants and anticipates the best answer to different equipment, leakage, input, or supplier-related problems.


Viridis to participate in the largest sanitation event in the Americas

The event is the largest in the environmental sanitation sector of the Americas and has as its central theme for this edition "Environmental Sanitation: Development and Quality of Life in the Resumption of Growth".

ViridisCon 2017 promotes debate on trends in energy and utilities management

ViridisCon brought leading Brazilian companies together in São Paulo in discussions about major market trends

Viridis supports seventh edition of DevDay

The event that takes place in Belo Horizonte is expected to receive about 500 software developers. 


Ricardo Giacomin

Optimization and simulation functions of Viridis have direct impact in operational efficiency of the site, contributing to improve the company's energy matrix in every production scenario.

Ricardo's Testimonial
Ricardo Giacomin, EVP, Viridis