Além de relatórios
Way beyond reports

Viridis includes big data technology, dedicated to monitoring data and to identifying improvement opportunities in real time.

Multiple energy inputs

Viridis manages all inputs used by clients: electric energy, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, water, gases of the air, and more.

evolução de gestão
Gradually evolve your management model

When deployed, the solution adapts to the company's current management model. As time passes, Viridis promotes a gradual evolution of management practices, helping the company achieve new efficiency levels.


Gerdau boosts energy efficiency program with Viridis solution

Gerdau is the leader in long steel products in the Americas, and one of the main suppliers of special steel in the world.

Viridis launches new website and energy & utilities management blog

Viridis kicks off 2017 launching a new institutional website and a blog dedicated to energy & utilities management, the Viridis Blog.

Viridis reorganizes portfolio and presents new energy & utilities solutions

The new products provide flexibility for companies with different requirements.


Ricardo Giacomin

Optimization and simulation functions of Viridis have direct impact in operational efficiency of the site, contributing to improve the company's energy matrix in every production scenario.

Ricardo's Testimonial
Ricardo Giacomin, EVP, Viridis