Dados e informações
From data to information, from information to knowledge

Viridis applies artificial intelligence technologies to generate simulations, optimizations, and quantitative analysis, creating new knowledge on energy behavior.

Mitigação de riscos
Risk mitigation

React fast and precisely to operational incidents. Viridis promotes the operational continuity of industrial plants and anticipates the best answer to different equipment, leakage, input, or supplier-related problems.

Gestão de energia
End-to-end energy management

Viridis integrates all phases of the energy and utilities management cycle, allowing a wide and complete vision of the whole process of consumption, generation, and emissions.


Board of Viridis receives new members

Viridis has announced the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors, in line with its growth plans for the coming years.

AEGEA sanitation implements Viridis integrated management system

The Viridis energy management solution is a strategic ally for improving energy efficiency in sanitation companies.

Viridis receives capital contribution from INSEED Investments

The contribution will be made by FIMA – the Innovation Fund for the Environment – oriented toward investments in technological innovation applied to the environment.


David Flam

Viridis aggregates the highest technologies in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing to create advanced features that improve the energy management.

David Flam
David Flam, Chief Software Architect, Viridis