produtividade equipe
Enhance the productivity of energy & utilities management teams

Automate various management routines and information consolidation, saving precious time for the teams. Instead of spending hours in front of spreadsheets merging data and monitoring reports, teams can invest their time better and concentrate efforts where it matters the most: in improving the company’s energy efficiency.

Preencha o vazio
Fill the gap between automation and corporate systems

Viridis provides strong integration with other engineering and information systems used by the company, from automation (PIMS, PLCs, SCADAs, energy meters) to management systems (SAP and others ERPs, MES, IT systems). 

Cost Reduction
Cost reduction

Direct reduction expectations of 10% of the energy & utilities matrix costs.

Mitigação de riscos
Risk mitigation

React fast and precisely to operational incidents. Viridis promotes the operational continuity of industrial plants and anticipates the best answer to different equipment, leakage, input, or supplier-related problems.

Multiple energy inputs

Viridis manages all inputs used by clients: electric energy, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, water, gases of the air, and more.

Além de relatórios
Way beyond reports

Viridis includes big data technology, dedicated to monitoring data and to identifying improvement opportunities in real time.

Get to know your real energy costs
Get to know your real energy costs

Viridis measures and automatically assigns all energy costs to cost centers, ledger accounts, and production orders. Through configurable costing rules, you define criteria from which direct and indirect costs are calculated and allocated.

Redução de TCO
Lower application TCO

Viridis replaces existing applications in the company’s landscape, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT systems.

Energy Matrix
Find out the best energy matrix for your production plan

Guarantee you’re executing the most efficient strategy every time a production plan is altered and whenever there is change in availability of energy inputs or supply conditions.

evolução de gestão
Gradually evolve your management model

When deployed, the solution adapts to the company's current management model. As time passes, Viridis promotes a gradual evolution of management practices, helping the company achieve new efficiency levels.

Gestão de energia
End-to-end energy management

Viridis integrates all phases of the energy and utilities management cycle, allowing a wide and complete vision of the whole process of consumption, generation, and emissions.

Dados e informações
From data to information, from information to knowledge

Viridis applies artificial intelligence technologies to generate simulations, optimizations, and quantitative analysis, creating new knowledge on energy behavior.

Pave the way towards ISO 50001

  • ISO 50001 is a specific standard for energy management, based on the continuous improvement management system.

    Viridis’s energy management solution, developed exclusively for operations that consume large amounts of energy, is a strategic tool to help achieve ISO 50001 standardization and to drastically reduce operational, auditing, and maintenance costs. With more than 300 features in the system, Viridis can instrument and operationalize all of the standard’s practices and definitions, enabling a great part of the actions to be automatically executed and contributing to enhance the productivity of teams.

    For every new project you identify measurement criteria, establish baselines and follow up on implementation actions. Afterwards, check out the savings obtained with each initiative and let the solution calculate their ROI as well as the return of the whole portfolio.

  • ISO 50001 Label

Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

Viridis solutions have been developed to propagate Digital Transformation processes in its clients, deploying state-of-the-art technologies with great impact in their operations and businesses.

The digital transformation phenomenon has been reshaping the way companies of all segments do business, and trend will go on as development and adoption of new technologies keeps advancing. In industrial clients, digital transformation are often associated to the so-called Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 movement.

Industry 4.0


Amongst the many technologies and technological trends behind the Viridis platform, some have a greater impact in our solutions:


IoT (Internet of Things)
massive interconnectivity technology to provide communications with different types of devices, used to gather data from different sources, including time series from meters, contextual information from sites and pieces of equipment, energy and utilities contracts and invoices, integration with legacy systems, among others.
Big Data
Big Data
Technology to store and process large quantities of data, uused throughout the Viridis platform to create a data lake with different types of data from which the platform generates quantitative and qualitative models to manage energy and utilities.
Cloud Computing
Along with traditional local deployments (on-premises), all Viridis products may be commissioned on the cloud (on-demand), providing all benefits from the cloud computing paradigm, inclusing resource elasticity to cope with sporadic demands for analysis, simulations, etc.
Inteligência Computacional
Computacional Intelligence
Set of sophisticated technologies such as machine learning, evolutionary computing, dynamic simulations, and stochastic processes to analyze and generate quantitative energy and utilities management models.
Set of technologies and methodologies to analyze data and infer high-level information, used throughout the Viridis platform to create models, indicators, and other types of information that directly support decision-making processes.
The Viridis platform has been designed to fully operate from mobile devices such as tablets, data collectors, and smartphones.
Set of practices that unify software development and operations processes, widely used by Viridis to commission its platform from microservices containers in local or cloud environments.


All Viridis products may be commissioned locally or on the cloud. Either way the Viridis IoT Gateway provides real-time, bidirectional data connectivity to multiple sources.

Flexibility - On Demand Commissioning


Cloud commissioning model based on the Viridis computing environment, hosted at premier cloud providers and managed by Viridis from its operations center.

Flexibility - On Premises Commissioning


Traditional commissioning model where the solution is installed locally. Viridis may optionally manage local environments from its operations center.


All Viridis products may be licensed in two models, regardless of how they are commissioned. All products may optionally be complemented by managed services.

Flexibility - Opex Licensing

Subscription (Opex)

Software licensing based on annual subscription services.

Flexibility - Capex Licensing

License (Capex)

Tradicional software licensing model based on the acquisition of perpetual licenses.