The power of data analysis in energy management

Submitted by Bruno Santos Pimentel on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 19:32
Recent years have shown a strong expansion of technologies based on data analysis - or analytics - to support decision-making processes. Whether in everyday situations like finding the best route to a particular destination, or in more complex problems typical of the industrial environment, such as planning production batches, evaluating the risks of a given project, or determining the most important factors in the performance of an operation, decision support systems have become essential elements in the search for better performance.

The Viridis platform provides functionalities for collecting, cleaning, and visualizing data on consumption and generation of energy, facilitating the analysis of complex problems and the identification of opportunities. Capable of processing large volumes of data in real time, the Viridis platform incorporates algorithms for building models that combine information on consumption and power generation, production context, and financial information , providing important insights for the manager .The Viridis platform's planning capabilities permit the identification of optimal operational configurations for large energy consumers, enabling scenario and sensitivity analyses that ensure greater robustness of the decision-making process. Click here and read more about Viridis's Products. 

Energy and utilities management: how to adapt to an ever-changing environment

Submitted by Ricardo Giacomin on Mon, 08/28/2017 - 17:33
The business environment has been changing rapidly and profoundly in recent years. These changes are the result of a much more challenging competitive environment, continued pressure for increased operating performance, economic crises, tougher regulatory and corporate governance issues, more rigid regulatory and governance requirements, and closer integration into the value chain, among other causes.

The Viridis system has a built-in BPM tool that is integrated with all its modules. The Viridis BPM tool allows each company to define how they should execute the processes of costing, forecasting, budget management, contract management, performance management, and many others. In addition, it provides metrics of execution of all processes, allowing greater visibility and continuous improvement of managerial workflows. Click here and read more about Viridis's Products.