Exploring the collaboration between energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in the management of energy

Submitted by Mariane Gonçalves on Fri, 03/23/2018 - 14:19
Understand how energy efficiency and the search for renewable energy contribute to achieving results in the area of energy and utilities management

Given the current demands and the trend of increasing complexity of meeting them, energy management teams encounter great difficulties in using information, seeking results, reducing costs, and improving management processes.
The Viridis platform for energy and utilities management provides capabilities to directly support energy efficiency initiatives of industrial organizations, covering functions including monitoring, planning, contracting, costing, simulation, and optimization of energy consumption. The monitoring functions permit the identification of opportunities for process improvement, stratifying energy consumption in terms of different dimensions, in addition to allowing the quantification of gains in terms of costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The integration of monitoring data with planning functions strengthens the efforts of the transformation initiatives, since it confers greater sophistication, consistency, and accuracy in the prediction of future consumption and, consequently, in planning of costs and the comparison with the actual values. Finally, the Viridis platform enables integrated management of projects of continuous improvement with a focus on energy efficiency, seeking strategic alignment from the conception, implementation, and evaluation of the investments carried out by the organization. Learn more about how our products can help your company.