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Customer Success Coordinator at Viridis, trained in electrical engineering with an emphasis on energy, and an MBA candidate in the electricity sector, both at PUC Minas. She has more than four years of experience in the energy management area, having worked in the energy management and strategic planning area at Vallourec, participating in the implementation of the NBR ISO 50001 standard, and at CEMIG in a research and development project on strategic planning. 


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The 7 tasks that require the most time of energy and utilities management teams

Submitted by Dayane Machado on Wed, 05/30/2018 - 14:31
Companies can be seen as large collections of processes. All areas have a set of procedures, patterns, and workflows that define their form of operation. In this scenario it's not unusual to find management teams with routines based on large amounts of manual labor, which in the world of energy management is analogous to saying that your day revolves around a daunting number of spreadsheets, each one having equally staggering complexity.

The Viridis platform for energy and utilities management provides capabilities of monitoring, planning, contracting, costing, measurement and verification, simulation, and optimization of energy consumption – in an integrated way. This integration completely eliminates the need to use spreadsheets, in addition to allowing greater control, security, and quality of information. Data concerning energy consumption can be captured by the platform in real time, immediately treated in terms of quality and inserted into a contextualization mechanism that facilitates more robust and comprehensive analyses. Otherwise the Viridis platform also facilitates the incorporation of processes and tools that are commonly implemented in spreadsheets by users: forms for manual entry of data (for metrics that do not have physical meters), production plans used for prediction of energy consumption, forms for entry and verification of invoice data, spreadsheets that represent business rules in specific tasks and pivot tables for querying and visualization of combinations of data – all are of course covered by the Viridis platform and its interface components in order to facilitate the internalization of the tool and the rapid capture of value by users. Learn more about our products.