Software Reliability Analyst, Viridis

Software Reliability Analyst at Viridis, trained in Information Systems at PUC  Minus and enrolled in post-graduate work in agile methods and DevOps practices at IETEC. Specialist in technical support, network infrastructure, software management and development. 


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5 Reasons to use a cloud-based energy and utilities management system

Submitted by Júlia Assis on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 13:19
See five relevant reasons to use a cloud-based energy and utilities management system.

Viridis offers a cloud-based commissioning model using Cloud Computing environments, with the option of public or private cloud environments. There is also the option of using the environment contracted by the client from their current cloud providers. In both cases, data communication with the sites is performed by the Viridis IoT Gateway, a technology developed by Viridis exclusively to provide bi-directional integration in real time with multiple local systems, in addition to performing edge analytics. Commissioning in the cloud offers federated authentication, public or private cloud, and encryption, among other features to provide the highest level of trust and security. Click here to learn more about our solutions.