Infographic: Energy efficiency in companies

Submitted by Mariane Gonçalves on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 20:12
Infographic Energy efficiency in companies

Check out the data in the infoographic about the importance of energy efficiency in companies, the benefits of investment in actions to reduce consumption, and the implementation of energy and utilities management software to reach new levels of energy efficiency.

A recurring agenda for companies and governments, energy efficiency is one of the central points in the global search for sustainable energy consumption.

The concept emerged after two oil shocks, the creation of OPEC in 1973, and the Iranian revolution in 1979. At that time the need was seen to understand how to lower energy costs, for example with energy efficiency projects. Since then, a number of actions have been undertaken to achieve more economical energy, and this is reflected in a global commitment. In 2016 countries used 12% less energy because of improvements in energy efficiency.

In organizations it is no different; energy monitoring and planning, certifications associated with energy efficiency policies, such as ISO 50001, the use of renewable energy sources, internal awareness of better energy use, among other actions, help form a policy increasingly rooted in the importance of energy efficiency in companies.

In this infographic we will see a global panorama on energy efficiency, the benefits of investing in actions aimed at the best use of energy, and the importance of good energy and utilities management as a strategic ally in this initiative.

Infographic Energy efficiency in companies


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