5 Reasons to use a cloud-based energy and utilities management system

Submitted by Júlia Assis on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 13:19
See five relevant reasons to use a cloud-based energy and utilities management system.

Viridis offers a cloud-based commissioning model using Cloud Computing environments, with the option of public or private cloud environments. There is also the option of using the environment contracted by the client from their current cloud providers. In both cases, data communication with the sites is performed by the Viridis IoT Gateway, a technology developed by Viridis exclusively to provide bi-directional integration in real time with multiple local systems, in addition to performing edge analytics. Commissioning in the cloud offers federated authentication, public or private cloud, and encryption, among other features to provide the highest level of trust and security. Click here to learn more about our solutions. 

Infographic: Energy consumption in industry

Submitted by Mariane Gonçalves on Thu, 05/24/2018 - 20:54
See data in the infographic on energy consumption in industries and consumption management as an ally for energy efficiency in operations.

The Viridis energy and utilities management platform provides features to directly support the routine of monitoring energy consumption of large industrial operations, as well as initiatives to increase energy efficiency. The monitoring functions allow the identification of opportunities for improvement in processes, stratifying the consumption of electricity according to various dimensions, and allowing the calculation of cost gains and, considering opportunities for diversification of the energy matrix, reduction of equivalent emissions. Electricity-intensive industries are intensely exposed to the volatility of energy prices, in both the short and long term. The acquisition of electricity in free market for energy – based on demand levels, seasonality, and other parameters of interest – therefore depends on a good degree of predictability of consumption levels and future prices. The Viridis platform naturally integrates consumption data collected in real time with prediction models of future consumption for different price scenarios, facilitating the management of procurement contracts and thus promoting end-to-end efficiency: from factory floor processes to complete management of the energy and utilities function. Learn more about our products.

The role of digital twins in energy and utilities management

Submitted by Victor de Souza on Wed, 02/07/2018 - 17:45
Understand how the creation of digital twins can help reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of processes in industry.

The Viridis platform is extensively based on the concepts of the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Industry 4.0, as it is capable of capturing, storing and processing large volumes of data on the consumption of energy and utilities of any operational unit, whether a specific machine or a production process as a whole. These data, combined with information about the context in which they were recorded (production plans, process variables, operational parameters, among others), makes possible, using the techniques of Machine Learning, the construction of predictive models that are combined to create a digital representation of that asset – a digital twin. The large integration capacity of the platform facilitates the capture of relevant data, while its modeling and visualization capabilities make the use, interpretation, and evolution of digital twins easy, resulting in significant value creation for our clients.

Digital transformation as an ally in energy and utilities management

Submitted by Carina Lima on Wed, 11/08/2017 - 13:12
Technology continues to transform many aspects of our lives, from simple daily tasks to profound changes in business and global markets. The area of energy and utilities management is no different, and in this context companies in the lead in digitizing their processes can improve their work routine and even their competitive potential.

The power of data analysis in energy management

Submitted by Bruno Santos Pimentel on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 19:32
Recent years have shown a strong expansion of technologies based on data analysis - or analytics - to support decision-making processes. Whether in everyday situations like finding the best route to a particular destination, or in more complex problems typical of the industrial environment, such as planning production batches, evaluating the risks of a given project, or determining the most important factors in the performance of an operation, decision support systems have become essential elements in the search for better performance.

The Viridis platform provides functionalities for collecting, cleaning, and visualizing data on consumption and generation of energy, facilitating the analysis of complex problems and the identification of opportunities. Capable of processing large volumes of data in real time, the Viridis platform incorporates algorithms for building models that combine information on consumption and power generation, production context, and financial information , providing important insights for the manager .The Viridis platform's planning capabilities permit the identification of optimal operational configurations for large energy consumers, enabling scenario and sensitivity analyses that ensure greater robustness of the decision-making process. Click here and read more about Viridis's Products.