5 Gaps in Energy Management that may be interfering with your results

Submitted by Aline Gonçalves on Fri, 06/08/2018 - 18:24
The Energy Management System aims to establish and perpetuate the culture of consciousness and care in relation to energy use through energy efficiency initiatives. However, without the proper care on the part of organizations, such measures, in addition to being isolated, become temporary significantly undermining management results in the long term.

The Viridis platform provides features to directly support the entire energy and utilities management cycle, including monitoring, planning, procurement, costing, measurement and verification, simulation, and optimization of energy consumption. The monitoring functions permit the identification of opportunities for process improvement, stratifying energy consumption in terms of different dimensions, in addition to allowing the quantification of gains in terms of costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The integration of monitoring data with the planning functions provides greater sophistication, consistency, and accuracy in the forecast of future levels of energy consumption and, consequently, about cost planning and its contrast with the value realized. Business Process Management (BPM) functions allow the configuration of procedures specifically aligned with the reality of each operation, facilitating the organization of the entire Energy and Utilities Management System. Finally, the Viridis platform facilitates the integrated management of continuous improvement projects focusing on energy efficiency, promoting strategic alignment from the conception, implementation, and validation of investments performed by the organization using specific measurement and verification functions. Learn more about our products. 

Infographic ISO 50001 Certification: concepts and application in companies

Submitted by Mariane Gonçalves on Wed, 03/28/2018 - 14:55
Learn more about ISO 50001 and see how an efficient energy management system can be a strategic ally in the certification of your company.

The Viridis energy management solution, developed exclusively for operations that consume large amounts of energy, is a strategic tool to help achieve ISO 50001 standardization and to drastically reduce operational, auditing, and maintenance costs.With more than 300 powerful features, Viridis can implement and operationalize every practice and definition of the ISO 50001 standard, allowing a large number of related actions to be executed automatically and thus further enhancing team productivity.

For each new project, you identify measurement criteria, establish baselines, and perform implementation actions. Viridis then calculates the savings obtained with each initiative and its return on investment, as well as the ROI of the entire portfolio. Click here and know our solutions.