Technology trends in energy and utilities management

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Technology trends in energy and utilities management

The phenomenon of digital transformation is changing the way companies in all sectors operate their business, and the trend is that this movement continues to intensify the way that the development and use of new technologies continues to advance.

These changes are also present in the field of energy and utilities management. A large movement can be noted of companies to adopt new technologies focused on process development, increased energy efficiency, team productivity improvement, and reduction of operating costs.

In the infographic below you will see a panorama of digital transformation in the market and how technology trends are being applied in the field of energy and utilities management to promote gains.

Technology trends in energy and utilities management


New energy and utilities management platforms that encompass concepts of industry 4.0 exploit various technology trends , providing a great gain in energy efficiency and improving the capacity of companies for planning and management. Click here to find out more about our products.

The Viridis platform is extensively based on the concepts of the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Industry 4.0, as it is capable of capturing, storing and processing large volumes of data on the consumption of energy and utilities of any operational unit, whether a specific machine or a production process as a whole. These data, combined with information about the context in which they were recorded (production plans, process variables, operational parameters, among others), makes possible, using the techniques of Machine Learning, the construction of predictive models that are combined to create a digital representation of that asset – a digital twin. The large integration capacity of the platform facilitates the capture of relevant data, while its modeling and visualization capabilities make the use, interpretation, and evolution of digital twins easy, resulting in significant value creation for our clients. Click here to learn more about our solutions.  

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