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Submitted by Thiago Turchetti Maia on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 17:21
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This article kicks off the Viridis Blog initiative by Viridis with the objective of creating an unbiased space in which to publish and discuss topics related to energy & utilities management. The content of the blog is targeted at managers in corporations where energy & utilities consumption deserves special attention, whether this is due to the number of consumption units in the operation, the complexity of the energy matrix, energy generation or self-production, or, naturally, to high consumption volumes. Yet regardless of the nature of each business, many problems faced by energy & utilities managers are the same. The mission of this blog is therefore to bring relevant content to this audience, touching on different disciplines that make up energy & utilities management. At least once a week you will find fresh and diverse views about energy efficiency, ISO 50,001, technology, management best practices, sustainability, cost management, planning and budgeting, tax recovery, and more.


The blog is sponsored by the Viridis company; however, it is not a corporate blog, nor is it advertisement media. One of the blog's precepts is providing unbiased content in relation to Viridis or any other company. If there is any link between the subject of an article and a solution brought to market by Viridis or any company, this connection will be mentioned, but away from the main text and at least one click away. We hope that this policy will improve the credibility of the blog, along with promoting the participation of different audiences.


Articles posted on the blog are written by acting professionals in the energy & utilities market, from energy consumers, generators, brokers, equipment & software manufacturers, to solution integrators or consulting companies. All articles are always published with information about their authors, including a short biography. If you would like to publish in the blog, please use the site to contact our staff, who will provide all necessary support.


Along with publications in their original language, the Viridis Blog team is committed to translating 100% of its content, keeping local versions synchronized with their English translations. This includes not only article text and figures, but also replies and comments. All submitted comments will be translated and published simultaneously in all languages, including English, in up to one working day from submission.


Along with technical texts on specific topics, we expect articles and comments on the blog to be useful as a space to share and exchange experiences and best practices in the field. Opinion texts are also welcomed, with personal views from the author on a specific subject.


Everyone may write comments on the articles; simply enter your email address and subscribe on the blog's main page. Subscribed users will receive Viridis's periodic newsletter, which includes a summary of the latest posts and highlights.

Welcome to the Viridis Blog!

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