PROINFA: how the incentive program for alternative energy sources impacts your energy bill

Submitted by Aline Gonçalves on Fri, 08/03/2018 - 21:03
Understand the main concepts related to PROINFA and how it impacts your energy bill.

The Viridis energy and utilities management platform fosters the management of contracts for buying and selling energy, along with the auditing of invoices according to the taxation of the current period. With PROINFA being a compulsory contract for energy purchasing, using the Viridis platform it is possible to monitor the annual cost quotas and thus learn the percentage of additional energy your company possesses on a monthly basis. Click here to learn about our solutions. 

Challenges for the new energy and utilities manager

Submitted by Sérgio Grassi on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 13:02
Learn how changes in the market are creating new challenges energy and utilities managers in large companies.

The Viridis platform for energy and utilities management provides capabilities to directly support the new energy and utilities manager, covering functions including monitoring, planning, contracting, costing, simulation, and optimization of energy consumption. The monitoring functions permit the identification of opportunities for process improvement, stratifying energy consumption in terms of different dimensions, in addition to allowing the quantification of gains in terms of costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The integration of monitoring data with planning functions strengthens the efforts of the transformation initiatives, since it confers greater sophistication, consistency, and accuracy in the prediction of future consumption and, consequently, in planning of costs and the comparison with the actual values. Finally, the Viridis platform offers the energy and utilities manager a wide range of technologies for integrated management of continuous improvement projects focusing on energy efficiency, seeking strategic alignment from conception, implementation, and valuation of investments realized by the organization. Click here to learn more about our solutions.

Technology trends in energy and utilities management

Submitted by Mariane Gonçalves on Thu, 07/05/2018 - 21:50
Understand how the digital transformation is revolutionizing the market and what are the major technology trends in energy and utilities management.

The Viridis platform is extensively based on the concepts of the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Industry 4.0, as it is capable of capturing, storing and processing large volumes of data on the consumption of energy and utilities of any operational unit, whether a specific machine or a production process as a whole. These data, combined with information about the context in which they were recorded (production plans, process variables, operational parameters, among others), makes possible, using the techniques of Machine Learning, the construction of predictive models that are combined to create a digital representation of that asset – a digital twin. The large integration capacity of the platform facilitates the capture of relevant data, while its modeling and visualization capabilities make the use, interpretation, and evolution of digital twins easy, resulting in significant value creation for our clients. Click here to learn more about our solutions.  

5 Reasons to use a cloud-based energy and utilities management system

Submitted by Júlia Assis on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 13:19
See five relevant reasons to use a cloud-based energy and utilities management system.

Viridis offers a cloud-based commissioning model using Cloud Computing environments, with the option of public or private cloud environments. There is also the option of using the environment contracted by the client from their current cloud providers. In both cases, data communication with the sites is performed by the Viridis IoT Gateway, a technology developed by Viridis exclusively to provide bi-directional integration in real time with multiple local systems, in addition to performing edge analytics. Commissioning in the cloud offers federated authentication, public or private cloud, and encryption, among other features to provide the highest level of trust and security. Click here to learn more about our solutions.