AEGEA sanitation implements Viridis integrated management system

Submitted on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 11:18
AEGEA sanitation implements Viridis integrated management system

In 2017, Viridis began operating in the sanitation sector as a partner of AEGEA for managing and monitoring the company's energy consumption. AEGEA manages sanitation activities through its utility companies throughout Brazil, working in every process of the integral water cycle: supply, wastewater collection, and sewage treatment. Today the company is present in 48 municipalities, serving more than 5.4 million people across Brazil. 

The water supply and sewage treatment systems of the company have electricity as the principal input. In general, these costs represent the second largest component in the operations of sanitation companies (on average 20% of the total cost of operation of these systems). As a result, having reliable information and analytical capacity for energy management is essential for efficient operations. 

Operations over wide geographical areas also demand a structure of concentration of data and indicators that is sufficiently robust for energy efficiency projects to be traceable and replicable. 

Emerson Rocha, a specialist in efficiency and technology at AEGEA, talks about the objectives of the company in deploying the Viridis system: "Our objective is to increase reliability and standardize management processes for energy data as well as to provide a flexible tool that allows us to increase the number or successful projects focused on energy efficiency. For this reason the company chose an integrated management system." 

The scope of the Viridis implementation project was designed so that it also meets the needs of management of energy costs (management of invoices and contracts), automation and standardization of the budgeting process, as well as acting as the hub of field measurements and manager of indicators of operational efficiency.