Gerdau boosts energy efficiency program with Viridis solution

Submitted on Tue, 01/31/2017 - 17:18
Gerdau boosts energy efficiency program with Viridis energy and utilities management solution

Gerdau is the leader in long steel products in the Americas, and one of the main suppliers of special steel in the world. In Brazil, Gerdau also produces flat steel products and iron ore, activities that complement its mix of products and improve the competitiveness of its operations. In addition, it is Latin America’s largest recycler, transforming millions of tons of scrap into steel worldwide, reinforcing its commitment to the sustainable development of the regions where it operates.

The company has a macro project related to energy efficient, with many types of actions. In 2016, one of these actions was to acquire a software platform that helped create a more proactive and less reactive style of management for energy and utilities.

Before that, energy and utilities consumption assessments happened at the end of each month, and it was processed through spreadsheets, which inhibited assertive and preventive decision making. With the new system, which processes information every minute, Gerdau reacts faster and more precisely to operational incidents.

Gerdau also expects that the software will bring two distinct views on the subject: a corporate view, as well as one for operators, who will be able to check on their activities in relation to company-wide energy management practices.

Image by Eduardo Rocha