Viridis discusses Energy Management and Energy Efficiency at R20 2019

Submitted on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 18:40
viridis na r20

Bringing its experience and contribution to the application of Energy Management and Energy Efficiency as a mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, Viridis participated in the R20 event, which took place in the Smart City of Aspern, near Vienna, Austria, between 28 and 29 May 2019.

The R20 Austrian World Summit, a long-term initiative founded in 2015 to create a network platform that will help regions, states, and cities to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals and meet global targets for climate protection aligned with the Paris Agreement,aims to increase partnerships and exchange experiences and ideas to combat climate change and boost sustainable economic growth.

The third edition of R20 addressed a variety of themes such as trends in climate financing, new approaches to awareness and communication, and climate change associated with human health. The event included the participation of a number of Austrian and Brazilian companies, including CBMM, which presented its case about niobium and mobility.

Viridis at R20

Because it is a company dedicated to creating solutions for control and energy and utilities management for large consumers, Viridis has a team that aims to improve energy efficiency and enhance control and management processes. Leading the discussion about the importance of an efficient energy and utilities management system, combined with energy efficiency, Viridis participated in the discussion panel about the future of energy in smart cities.

Highlighting the need to promote energy efficiency as a mechanism for promoting energy transition to a decarbonized matrix, Viridis CEO Thiago Turchetti Maia presented success cases in large industrial and commercial consumers to R20 participants. For Thiago, investments in energy efficiency separately bring immediate benefits in the form of cost reductions for companies, but there is a great benefit for society from significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. According to Thiago the opportunity to share the experience of Viridis in a forum such as R20 reinforces the expansion process of the company to serve clients and markets worldwide.

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