Viridis participates in workshop on capitalization, mergers, and acquisitions of energy companies

Submitted on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 13:43

Next Wednesday, June 13th, the free workshop "Capitalization and Growth for Mergers and Acquisitions - Energy Conservation Service Companies" will take place in São Paulo promoted by ABESCO (Brazilian Association of Energy Conservation and Service Companies) in partnership with MCM Corporate Advisory - management, tax, and operational consulting firm for mergers and acquisitions.

The confirmed speakers include Thiago Turchetti Maia, CEO of Viridis, Luis Ricardo Trezza, Executive Director of ABESCO, and Marcela Duarte, founding partner of MCM Corporate Advisory. The event is intended for all small and medium-sized organizations that invest in energy management actions.

The event will address issues such as mergers and acquisitions operations and will include the following panels: access and alternatives to capital beyond banks; the steps of the merger and/or acquisition process and practical experience of the CEO of Viridis with the capital contribution received from FIP INSEED FIMA – Environmental Innovation Fund created by BNDES and managed by INSEED Investments, manager of resources focused on innovative companies with high growth potential.

For Thiago Maia, the event is an opportunity to talk with other companies in the segment, in addition to sharing the experiences and successes of Viridis.

You can register for the event here.