Viridis receives capital contribution from INSEED Investments

Submitted on Mon, 11/06/2017 - 19:13

Viridis has announced the receipt of a capital contribution from the INSEED FIMA participant investment fund for investment in the environment, created by BNDES and managed by INSEED Investments, manager of resources focused on innovative companies with high growth potential. 

A pioneer and experienced specialist in early stage innovative companies in Brazil, INSEED has R$485 million under management and a track record of positive results. For the director of INSEED Investments, Alexandre Alves, the market pressure for greater operational efficiency, sustainability initiatives, and supply crises make energy efficiency a topic increasingly relevant to upper management. 

The innovative aspect of the Viridis platform consolidates its positioning as a tool for use both by energy efficiency teams and by those responsible for the management and planning of energy and utilities in large corporations. "For industrial customers, the Viridis platform fills information gaps about energy consumption between different organizational levels to integrate automation and factory-floor systems with corporate management systems," explains Thiago Turchetti Maia, CEO of Viridis. 

According to Thiago, the investment is aimed toward the company's commercial expansion into new sectors and international markets. Another priority of Viridis with the investment is the expansion of the implementation team for new customers.