Viridis’s solution implementation contributes to energy management at Vallourec

Submitted on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 17:54

Since July 2015, the steel mill complex of Vallourec Tubes Brazil, located in Belo Horizonte, has a new ally for promoting the energy efficiency of the plant. The first deployment phase of Viridis, an an integrated energy management solution developed exclusively for large energy consumers, was successfully concluded and the system is already being used by the Energy and Utilities team on a daily basis.

The system was tailor-made to be implemented according to Vallourec’s needs and, in this first deployment phase, it included 10 modules like measurement, data quality, consumption, generation and balances.

The complete implementation of the system will be concluded by the end of this year2015, after two more deployment phases, and will provide strategic tools for energy control and management. Viridis will also provide multiple tools for planning and optimization, like forecasting scenarios, energy contracts simulation, and energy cost and emissions minimizations.

“Energy management and improving best practices and processes in this area are important concerns for Vallourec; they are considered highly strategic to our business. By implementing Viridis we now have the rightrefined our resources and tools to evolve in energy management and achieve higher levels in energy efficiency. We also expect the system to enhance productivity of our Energy and Utilities teams by automating management routines and consolidating information, enabling the teams to focus on more strategic definitions and continuous improvement actions,” explains Camila Lana, Energy Management Coordinator at Vallourec.

ISO 50,001

Vallourec was the first Brazilian steel company to become certified in the ISO 50,001 standard, which represents the best worldwide current practices in energy management, focused on consumption optimization and cost reduction.