06-Jan-2017 Viridis launches new website and energy & utilities management blogViridis kicks off 2017 launching a new institutional website and a blog dedicated to energy & utilities management, the Viridis Blog.
07-Nov-2016 Viridis reorganizes portfolio and presents new energy & utilities solutionsThe new products provide flexibility for companies with different requirements.
29-Sep-2016 Viridis and Aperam present energy & utilities management case at ABM Week 2016The event, which ran September 27–29, is the largest in Latin America in the mining and steel industries.
12-Aug-2016 Viridis’s energy management system becomes new ally in telecommunicationsThe solution is a strategic tool to promote energy efficiency of a wide network of telecommunication sites in Brazil.
18-Jul-2016 Viridis sponsors main event about mining, metallurgy, and materials in Latin AmericaFor the fourth year in a row, Viridis sponsors ABM – the Metallurgic, Materials, and Mining Brazilian Association’s main event.
23-May-2016 Viridis attends international event focused on Smart IndustriesAIMday gathered representatives from academia and from large companies to discuss industry’s specific challenges.
23-Mar-2016 ViridisCon 2016 creates open space to discuss energy management themesWith the theme Change Management in Energy Efificieny Programms, the event estimulated experience exchanges between energy professionals.
02-Mar-2016 Viridis promotes ViridisCon 2016: energy management eventIn this edition, the event’s central theme will be Change Management for Energy Efficiency Programs.
03-Dec-2015 Viridis’s solution implementation contributes to energy management at Vallourec Viridis’s energy management solution has become a strategic resource for improving energy efficiency of the steel mill complex.
12-Nov-2015 Viridis sponsors energy efficiency event promoted by ABMViridis sets presence in another event of ABM – the Metallurgic, Materials, and Mining Brazilian Association, focused exclusively on energy management.