06-Jul-2017 ViridisCon 2017: Event will cover the future and challenges of energy and utilities managementDate and location for the event are confirmed and an even greater number of participants will take part this year than in 2016.
01-Jun-2017 Viridis confirms participation in EXPOSIBRAM 2017Viridis has officially confirmed its participation in the 17th edition of the International Expo on Mining.
26-May-2017 Viridis modernizes headquartersNew space allows for more dynamic team expansion and allocation, and leads trend for innovation in collaborative work environments.
10-Apr-2017 Viridis announces new Commercial DirectorSérgio Grassi, previously a board member, takes over as Viridis’s Commercial Director.
31-Jan-2017 Gerdau boosts energy efficiency program with Viridis solutionGerdau is the leader in long steel products in the Americas, and one of the main suppliers of special steel in the world.
06-Jan-2017 Viridis launches new website and energy & utilities management blogViridis kicks off 2017 launching a new institutional website and a blog dedicated to energy & utilities management, the Viridis Blog.
07-Nov-2016 Viridis reorganizes portfolio and presents new energy & utilities solutionsThe new products provide flexibility for companies with different requirements.
29-Sep-2016 Viridis and Aperam present energy & utilities management case at ABM Week 2016The event, which ran September 27–29, is the largest in Latin America in the mining and steel industries.
12-Aug-2016 Viridis’s energy management system becomes new ally in telecommunicationsThe solution is a strategic tool to promote energy efficiency of a wide network of telecommunication sites in Brazil.
18-Jul-2016 Viridis sponsors main event about mining, metallurgy, and materials in Latin AmericaFor the fourth year in a row, Viridis sponsors ABM – the Metallurgic, Materials, and Mining Brazilian Association’s main event.