07-Nov-2016 Viridis reorganizes portfolio and presents new energy & utilities solutionsThe new products provide flexibility for companies with different requirements.
29-Sep-2016 Viridis and Aperam present energy & utilities management case at ABM Week 2016The event, which ran September 27–29, is the largest in Latin America in the mining and steel industries.
12-Aug-2016 Viridis’s energy management system becomes new ally in telecommunicationsThe solution is a strategic tool to promote energy efficiency of a wide network of telecommunication sites in Brazil.
18-Jul-2016 Viridis sponsors main event about mining, metallurgy, and materials in Latin AmericaFor the fourth year in a row, Viridis sponsors ABM – the Metallurgic, Materials, and Mining Brazilian Association’s main event.
23-May-2016 Viridis attends international event focused on Smart IndustriesAIMday gathered representatives from academia and from large companies to discuss industry’s specific challenges.
23-Mar-2016 ViridisCon 2016 creates open space to discuss energy management themesWith the theme Change Management in Energy Efificieny Programms, the event estimulated experience exchanges between energy professionals.
02-Mar-2016 Viridis promotes ViridisCon 2016: energy management eventIn this edition, the event’s central theme will be Change Management for Energy Efficiency Programs.
03-Dec-2015 Viridis’s solution implementation contributes to energy management at Vallourec Viridis’s energy management solution has become a strategic resource for improving energy efficiency of the steel mill complex.
12-Nov-2015 Viridis sponsors energy efficiency event promoted by ABMViridis sets presence in another event of ABM – the Metallurgic, Materials, and Mining Brazilian Association, focused exclusively on energy management.
27-Aug-2015 Viridis presents its energy management solution at ABM’s main event Viridis was one of the premium sponsors of the main event in metallurgy, materials, and mining areas in Latin America.